Dietary analysis

Key ingredients of a balanced diet

Are you getting you're nutrients your body needs? 

Bitesize Coaching can provide you with a fully comprehensive computerised analysis of the nutritional breakdown of your current diet. This will show you the calorie, fat (saturated, polyunsaturated, mono unsaturated & trans fats), carbohydrate (sugar, alcohol, fibre & starch), protein, vitamin and mineral content of your diet, using a 4 day food diary.


The analysis is presented in a comprehensive report with illustrative graphs and pie charts relating to your individual diet.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current diet 

Find out if your diet is meeting your nutrition needs in relation to both government and optimal intake guidelines 

Pinpoint possible nutrient imbalances or deficiencies 

Discover how a lack of nutrients may be affecting your health 

Learn how to improve your diet.

How it works

You'll take a short lifestyle quiz and track your food intake for 4 days using our App. Your food diary will cover consecutive days, one of which is a weekend day.

When complete, we use this information to calculate your daily calories and nutrient (macronutrients, vitamins and mineral) needs, and will send you a full report showing your actual intake against that which is recommended.


You will also receive personalised recommendations to address imbalances and improve your diet.

You will also qualify for a discounted rate of monthly 1:1 Nutrition Coaching to build a plan to put these changes into practice and support your journey to health.