Let us get your members results through nutrition

Frustrated with clients not progressing because they don't address their nutrition & lifestyle outside the gym?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the media and influencer BS?


Perhaps a little out of your depth with offering science-backed, proven and reliable nutrition advice?

Need a personalised and simple nutrition plan that works perfectly in conjunction with your training? 

By working with Bitesize you will:

Have more time to focus on your core business by outsourcing fully personalised nutrition education, planning and coaching


Enable your members to obtain the knowledge and skills they need so they finally drop the diet fads and get lasting results

Strengthen and deepen your client relationship by getting more results

Create yourself a new revenue stream!

How it works

Affiliates purchase a group of passes from any of the Bitesize services, upfront, at a discounted rate

These passes are then re-sold on by Affiliates, at their discretionary price (no more than RRP), for a profit - zero effort, high return!

Your Clients register with Bitesize, download our App and from the following Monday are fully up and running!

Client benefits

All the benefits of Eat Well, Healthy Habits and Transform, at a price point you decide

Personalised Quick Start portion guides and meal planning advice

Access to the ProCoach nutrition platform inclusive of world class education resources

Plans of eduction, skills development and accountability tailored to lifestyles, preferences and ambitions   

24/7 online nutrition expert advice and support through Bitesize, at their fingertips

Weekly progress reviews and plan adjustments

Your revenue

Discounts scale based upon volume of investment

x1 pass = 10%

2-5 passes = 12%

6-10 passes = 15%

Transform (3month) example:

x5 RRP £1,050

Your discount (12%) £126

You buy x5 passes £924

Your profit potential £126!

...for incredible client value and zero effort!